Microsoft Edge has failed to capture the public’s attention since launching back in 2015, so you can’t really blame the company for shifting tacks. Microsoft could announce its replacement as early as this week.

As for what is next for your Windows 10 default , the company is reportedly looking to Google for some help on that front. The next-gen browser is thought to locate Microsoft swapping Edge’s EdgeHTML rending engine for Chromium.

All this is still early stages for the job that’s been floating around with the inner name”Anaheim,” but Internet Explorer’s replacement’s replacement will address some stability and compatibility problems that have hampered adoption. It could also assist the browser work better on these ARM-powered Windows machines.

The Chromium-powered browser will probably have more flexbility, if the company ever opt to actually go all in on a Chromebook competitor, rather than pushing a stripped-down version of Windows 10. Distinguishing the browser Chrome will probably be another issue altogether.

Microsoft’s going to need some help on that front if it hopes to regain a solid chunk of browser market share from Google. According to recent statistics, Chrome controllers well over half of those global browser market.