Since Samsung was onstage getting ready to discuss its upcoming foldable phone, Google spilled the beans somewhat during its very own Android Developer Summit. The business temporarily detailed plans to bake assistance for folding telephones into the cell operating system.

Its first, obviously, is Samsung. That device is expected to debut moments from today on Samsung’s very own stage.

Google is speaking to the group since”Foldables.”

“You can consider the device as both a phone and a tabletcomputer,” Android VP of Engineering Dave Burke explained. “Broadly, there are two variants — two-screen devices and one-screen devices. Once folded, it appears like a phone, fitting into your pocket or handbag. The defining characteristic for this particular form factor is something we predict screen continuity.”

One of the additions here is the ability to flag the program to respond to the screen as it folds and folds — the result would likely be like the response of software as handsets change between landscape and portrait modes.

While Samsung’s is the most notable, the company’s Foldable isn’t predicted to be the first to market. That honor will probably visit Royole’s FlexPai device, though that handset has already been pumped for build quality ahead of launching. No matter the case, Samsung’s definitely not going to be alone here, but it will almost certainly be a market leader.